Sunday, November 13, 2005

Doug Wiken's Dakota Today Blog

Dakota Today is a mixture of news, views, photos, RSS feeds to South Dakota news and blogs.

Dakota Today,edited by Doug Wiken. My perspective is primarily liberal Democratic, but now and then strays to just plain common sense whether that is liberal, conservative, libertarian, contrary, mainstream, vanilla, humorous, sarcastic, plaintive, or whatever.The text on the masthead of his blog gives an pretty good idea of the actual content.

I tolerate most comments made by posters willing to provide their real names and primary e-mail address (I don't reveal those real names without permission however) even if some such ocmments are contrary to my perspective. Insults of individuals not politicians or public figures are generally not tolerated; and frankly, since I pay for the blog, I don't usually publish insults to me either..disagreements are usually OK however.

Below is a screen capture:


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